How To Protect Your Gadgets From Cold Weather

Been shivering like crazy during the past weeks? You wear proper clothing to make yourself comfortable, right? Your car and its gadgets need the same amount of protection against exceedingly low temperatures. Extreme cold weather can take its toll on those precious little gadgets inside your car, so you have to save them from damage.

Many devices are designed to work normally between 50 to 95 degrees. Severe cold, as well as severe heat, is one of the worst enemies of mobile electronics. If you leave your gadgets in the cold for long periods, their life span, batteries, moving components, and plastic and metal cases are all affected.

Gadgets like iPod, speakers, mobile phones, and laptops are often left in your car during severe cold weather. Experts say while the weather can be harmful to your gadgets, it’s what you do with them inside your car that can cause the worse damage.

If your gadgets had been left in the cold for a long time, wait for at least three to four hours for them to warm back to room temperature before turning them on.

Also, beware of static electricity in cold weather. Never try to touch you gadgets to avoid that shocking touch.…

Cool Gadget For 2009: TriSpecs’ Bluetooth Sunglasses

Who would’ve thought that one can do so much with a sunglass? Probably no one, until the Bluetooth sunglasses came in the world of gadgetry.

A promising fashion item, er, electronic device for 2009 will hit the markets probably this month: the TriSpecs’ Bluetooth Sunglasses.

Let’s see what this pair of sunglasses has to offer:

  • Bluetooth headset
  • A set of retractable earbuds
  • Two uni-directional microphones
  • Dual in-ear speakers (extending them turns the power on)
  • Voice dialing and prompts for convenient, hands-free use
  • One-touch dialing
  • Call control buttons on the arms of the glasses
  • MP3 player (You have to press the button on the rim of the glasses to switch between MP3 player and calls.)
  • Noise elimination acoustic technology
  • Comes in black, white, and metallic with optional designs
  • Also available in female-specific versions

It’s a must-have for workaholics who are always on the go. Especially for those who are often on business trips, this Bluetooth sunglasses will be a smart multitasking companion on the road.

And if you happen to dream of being fashionable even when you’re inside your car, then this designer sunglasses is for you. I bet glancing every now and then at your rear view mirror will become an exciting and welcome distraction for you. How vain can you get?

Priced at around $200, this amazing gadget from TriSpecs was one of the featured gadgets at the recently held Consumer Electronics Show 2009 at Las Vegas.…

Cool Gadget for 2009: Wireless Battery Charger

Soon, you’ll have to toss those bunch of tousled power cords out of your car in favor of the wireless battery charger.

The eCoupled Intelligent Wireless Power Technology promises to power up your mp3 player, cellphone, iPod, or others that need electricity—minus the irritating wires, of course. No need to plug your gadgets in! Just place your devices within the range of the system’s power pad, and it will start to charge.

What’s more, the device can transfer data, making wireless coupling of music players and cellphones within your car possible.

Like the Internet Car Radio, the wireless battery charger was among the gadgets exhibited last week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.…