Capture Your Journeys On Video With Nikkai In-Car Journey Recorder

Shoot while you drive.

Doing them simultaneously is possible with the latest journey recorder from Japanese manufacturer Nikkai. Now you can record your most memorable trips with this black gadget. The Nikkai In-Car Journey Recorder can also be used to store footage in case you meet an accident.

Using a 1.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor, the Nikkai In-Car Journey Recorder captures video footage of the road ahead. The gadget can record a maximum of 18 hours of video on a 2GB SD card.

Other features:
• Fixes to your windscreen to record your journey
• 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera records in AVI format for easy playback
• Capture intervals can be set to between 2-3 seconds and 3 minutes
• Stores up to 9 hours of video on 1GB SD card or 18 hours on 2GB SD card at three second recording intervals
• Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (supplied) or DC 12V charger (supplied)
• Batteries provide around 4 hours continuous use when recording at three second intervals
• Supplied complete with software for playback and configuration
• Resolution: 1280*1024 pixel
• Still Image: JPG Format
• DC Power: DC 12V (included)…

Free MINI Game For iPhone, iPod Touch Users

For iPhone and iPod touch users, here’s a new game I’m sure you’ll get addicted to.

The recently launched “MINI Liquid Assets” is a fun, interactive game inspired by and reminiscent of the old encased water jet games that kids loved generations ago. Produced by MINI Financial Services, the new application combines the MINI brand and intuitive controls that maximize the sophisticated features of the iPhone and iPod touch user interface.

Players need to fire streams of water (with bubble sound effects) into their “MINIs” to keep away from obstacles and guide their coins safely to their MINIs. The game is easy to learn with three difficulty settings: “Easy,” “Medium” and “OMG.” How do you earn points? If you shoot more water, you get more “liquid assets.” Cool idea, huh?

The Mini Liquid Assets, which caters especially to MINI drivers and Apple enthusiasts, features the complete model lineup of MINI vehicles, as well as the latest MINI convertible and the MINI E. Another amazing built-in feature is “Find a MINI dealer” that uses Google Maps app. The new iPhone app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App store.

According to Jim McDowell, Vice President of MINI USA: “We think “MINI Liquid Assets” is going to put a smile on people’s faces-a little like cruising around town with the top down on your new MINI Convertible.”

That makes me want to own a MINI convertible! But why do I have to save for it (and wait for a million years) when I have my iPhone?…