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Hassle-Free Charging Courtesy Of Powermat

Neat freaks out there, here’s a smart gadget that can help you de-clutter your car’s interior.

The Powermat is an innovation in wireless charging technology that enables users to power up any hand-held device from a single thin mat. With this gadget at your disposal, you won’t need multiple chargers, wires, sockets, and adapters anymore.

You just need to plug in the Powermat and place your gadgets on it. Once it’s done with the charging, it disconnects power from every device. It can support just about any gadget: phones like Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry, Razr, as well as Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, hand held electronic games, portable GPS units, and laptops.

The Powermat, which can be placed on any surface, can charge up to four devices at once. It uses magnetic induction that sends electricity through the mat to the devices placed on it.

This wireless charger is not only dependable as road companion, but also for home and office use. Talk about mobility and portability.

It will be available at the Powermat website in fall this year.…