Cobra® Radar/Laser Detector ESD7000K 6 Band™ w/UltraBright™ Display

You think only Jean Grey knows what lies ahead? Get your head with one of Cobra’s radar and laser detector products and claim to be one of Doctor Xavier’s faithful students! But for now, it will be very wise for you to acquire one for your ride. Doing so will keep you informed of the road that lies ahead. And if you are not really paranoid of what’s out there, or Cobra’s 10-band (which I featured here earlier) is something already frightening for you, you can simply opt for the Cobra 6-band radar and laser detector! This is nothing very different with its 10-band sibling, just a little toned down copy that detects with a VG2 radar system.

The Cobra 6-band radar and laser detector is almost the same in function as its manufacturer’s 10-band make. It also has ultra bright data display, city and highway modes, and safety alert traffic warning that’s been the trademark of Cobra detectors and radar products. The same goes for its manufacturing. It also underwent stringent manufacturing procedures as the 10-band did. It is also favored with industrial-strength technology that’s basically Cobra products edge among other auto electronics’ manufacturers.

The amount you will need for its acquisition is also very meager, something you might have not expected from a great auto electronic device. It will only cost you $43.96, a really small amount for its functions on your automobile; thereby to your driving conditions. If you will also order it via online services, you can have it packaged right on your door steps in as fast as two business days. This way, you would not have to come up a shop that’s sometimes a little trouble for a busy guy like you. You can also save installation budget for it as it is designed for do-it-yourself procedures. So, what do you say?