Cobra® Radar/Laser Detector ESD9117 10 Band™

Who knows when the going gets tough? Maybe Ronan Keating! Or your father! Or maybe no one knows that—until, of course, when the time comes. So why should you go out not prepared for the worst? That’s something unfathomable, I should say. But sometimes that really happens but if you have radar or a laser detector in your functional rig, the lesser chances you will get surprised with the road ahead. Get the Cobra 10-band Radar and Laser Detector then! Thing auto electronic gadget will surely provide you the most accurate information miles before the ‘something-on-the-road’ scene become visible to you.

The Cobra 10-band Radar and Laser Detector comes with an ultra bright data display for your fast and easy identification, city and highway modes for your convenient use, and safety alert traffic warning system for your protection. It is powered by 360-degree laser detection and 4-radar systems so you can rest assured that nothing will really escape your meticulous ride and driving conditions. On top of that, this auto electronic device comes in a real good looking craftsmanship that will also grace the interior of your ride. Isn’t that just wonderful for you sleek and handsome rig?

But what can be more delighting to an owner than a real meager amount to shell out for as grand and highly functional auto electronic item as this? Imagine, the Cobra 10-band Radar and Laser Detector will only cost you as low as $79.95! What a small price to cover for your safety and driving efficiency! It also comes with its installation hardware so you can do the task on your own. What more can be satisfying than this? Get it now, install, and be able to ride and drive confidently while staying on top of every road and traffic situation!