Cool Gadget For 2009: TriSpecs’ Bluetooth Sunglasses

Who would’ve thought that one can do so much with a sunglass? Probably no one, until the Bluetooth sunglasses came in the world of gadgetry.

A promising fashion item, er, electronic device for 2009 will hit the markets probably this month: the TriSpecs’ Bluetooth Sunglasses.

Let’s see what this pair of sunglasses has to offer:

  • Bluetooth headset
  • A set of retractable earbuds
  • Two uni-directional microphones
  • Dual in-ear speakers (extending them turns the power on)
  • Voice dialing and prompts for convenient, hands-free use
  • One-touch dialing
  • Call control buttons on the arms of the glasses
  • MP3 player (You have to press the button on the rim of the glasses to switch between MP3 player and calls.)
  • Noise elimination acoustic technology
  • Comes in black, white, and metallic with optional designs
  • Also available in female-specific versions

It’s a must-have for workaholics who are always on the go. Especially for those who are often on business trips, this Bluetooth sunglasses will be a smart multitasking companion on the road.

And if you happen to dream of being fashionable even when you’re inside your car, then this designer sunglasses is for you. I bet glancing every now and then at your rear view mirror will become an exciting and welcome distraction for you. How vain can you get?

Priced at around $200, this amazing gadget from TriSpecs was one of the featured gadgets at the recently held Consumer Electronics Show 2009 at Las Vegas.

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