How To Protect Your Gadgets From Cold Weather

Been shivering like crazy during the past weeks? You wear proper clothing to make yourself comfortable, right? Your car and its gadgets need the same amount of protection against exceedingly low temperatures. Extreme cold weather can take its toll on those precious little gadgets inside your car, so you have to save them from damage.

Many devices are designed to work normally between 50 to 95 degrees. Severe cold, as well as severe heat, is one of the worst enemies of mobile electronics. If you leave your gadgets in the cold for long periods, their life span, batteries, moving components, and plastic and metal cases are all affected.

Gadgets like iPod, speakers, mobile phones, and laptops are often left in your car during severe cold weather. Experts say while the weather can be harmful to your gadgets, it’s what you do with them inside your car that can cause the worse damage.

If your gadgets had been left in the cold for a long time, wait for at least three to four hours for them to warm back to room temperature before turning them on.

Also, beware of static electricity in cold weather. Never try to touch you gadgets to avoid that shocking touch.