Ice Scraper Mitt

Winter is fun, but not when you are traveling down the road. It can fall onto the driveway and even accumulate on your automobile; but the worst will be when it starts to block your windshield and produce fogging effect inside. Sure you can add a variety of heaters, glass heaters to take them away, but what about the other parts of your vehicle. All you can just hope for now is that the industry and its geniuses find a good auto electronic device or gadget that will also keep it off the falling snow. So for now, you just have to settle to something very useful; in such situations–the Ice Scraper Mitt. You just have to suit your hands with its water proof elastic wrist band and scrape to the last touch of ice on your vehicle.

The Ice Scraper Mitt is actually a two-in-one protection for your sensitive hands against frost bite, which can actually happen whenever the cold gets into you. This does happens when you are cleaning or scraping the ice off your vehicle and you only have gloves to keep it from direct contact with the frosting ice. It doesn’t necessarily mean that gloves are no better protection, but the Ice Scraper Mitt is made exactly for longer exposure; thus is best. It has 12 inches long nylon mitt which is water resistant so your hands stay dry and warm even at longer scraping expeditions.

Enjoy the full benefits of this Ice Scraper right before the winter is at its full swing. Add it into your tool box or better yet, into your compartment; somewhere within your arms reach from the driver’s seat. Doing so will keep you prepared at all times, especially now the holidays is just around the corner and who knows just how many times you need to go back and forth the groceries and malls?