Cool Gadget for 2009: Wireless Battery Charger

Soon, you’ll have to toss those bunch of tousled power cords out of your car in favor of the wireless battery charger.

The eCoupled Intelligent Wireless Power Technology promises to power up your mp3 player, cellphone, iPod, or others that need electricity—minus the irritating wires, of course. No need to plug your gadgets in! Just place your devices within the range of the system’s power pad, and it will start to charge.

What’s more, the device can transfer data, making wireless coupling of music players and cellphones within your car possible.

Like the Internet Car Radio, the wireless battery charger was among the gadgets exhibited last week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.…

EZ-Talk: FM Hands Free Car Kit

So you want something better than your car phone; something that you can directly use without pebbling on smallish headset that you might misplace somewhere in the car. Doing so might even risk your safe driving or might send you to a state of ignoring every call whenever you are on the road. That’s not efficient driving, isn’t it? Well, nobody wants to be in that position. Good thing that the industry has now come up with an easy talk answering machine with built-in speaker and FM radio! It is very useful and handy, you can use it anywhere you go with its no-installation, plug-in style!

The EZ-Talk: FM Hands Free Car Kit comes with a built-in push button so you can talk in its compact size. Its flexible microphone holder is just perfect for you so you need not jerk off your seat anytime you need to talk. It also has a stable hands-free radio frequency which adopts the PLL IC. This gives even better functions than that of using crystal. You can easily plug it into your cigarette lighter voltage or any 12 volts direct current supply and you already have a complete 2-in-1 hands-free answering machine and radio!

$34.95 is pretty meager for a functional auto electronic gadget as the EZ-Talk: FM Hands Free Car Kit. It is even comparably small with the amount you will need to shell out for a good kind of speaker, the more it becomes small when talking about an entire car kit. And since it will also be another form of a safety technique for you, this amount is not important. Complete car kit and no-install auto electronic gadget, is there anything else you want to ask rather than the EZ-Talk: FM Hands Free Car Kit? I certainly do not think so.…

Hassle-Free Charging Courtesy Of Powermat

Neat freaks out there, here’s a smart gadget that can help you de-clutter your car’s interior.

The Powermat is an innovation in wireless charging technology that enables users to power up any hand-held device from a single thin mat. With this gadget at your disposal, you won’t need multiple chargers, wires, sockets, and adapters anymore.

You just need to plug in the Powermat and place your gadgets on it. Once it’s done with the charging, it disconnects power from every device. It can support just about any gadget: phones like Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry, Razr, as well as Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, hand held electronic games, portable GPS units, and laptops.

The Powermat, which can be placed on any surface, can charge up to four devices at once. It uses magnetic induction that sends electricity through the mat to the devices placed on it.

This wireless charger is not only dependable as road companion, but also for home and office use. Talk about mobility and portability.

It will be available at the Powermat website in fall this year.…

Safe-Mate Digital Alcohol Breath Tester

Merry Christmas…HO! HO! HO!— Hearing those lines already? Then, its time you start gift shopping for all your family and friends; and don’t forget to be very creative. Get something unique for each of these important people in your life. A digital alcohol breath tester would be great, wouldn’t you say!? This is the perfect present for all your driving friends and loved ones as these holidays will always start and end with good food and drinks that may go beyond the limits. Show your care then by giving them something that will inform them if they are still capable of driving or not.

The Safe-Mate digital alcohol breath tester features LP gas detector that can prevent them from driving under the influence of liquor; thereby keeping them safe and from the meticulous land transportation officers around town. This way, they can surely enjoy the holidays in the comfort of their homes or in places they really want to—but not jail. And this is not only useful these holidays but all through out the years of driving. You can even take it with you after switching vehicles year after year because this is handy—no installation! This will also depend on how keen you are in maintaining this auto electronic gadget.

This Safe-Mate digital alcohol breath tester from Dream Quest also has a 20-stage display LCD for your ready reference. It is handy in its 8.95 x 3.0 x 1.65 centimeters or 3.5 x 1.18 x 0.65 inches dimensions and approximately 45 grams weight. It comes with triple A batteries and can be calibrated manually by its owner to whatever function he or she wants it to perform at a certain time and condition. Isn’t this just the most wonderful gift you can receive these holidays? The better it will be if you will be the first to send it out to your immediate kin and friends!…

Cobra® Radar/Laser Detector ESD9117 10 Band™

Who knows when the going gets tough? Maybe Ronan Keating! Or your father! Or maybe no one knows that—until, of course, when the time comes. So why should you go out not prepared for the worst? That’s something unfathomable, I should say. But sometimes that really happens but if you have radar or a laser detector in your functional rig, the lesser chances you will get surprised with the road ahead. Get the Cobra 10-band Radar and Laser Detector then! Thing auto electronic gadget will surely provide you the most accurate information miles before the ‘something-on-the-road’ scene become visible to you.

The Cobra 10-band Radar and Laser Detector comes with an ultra bright data display for your fast and easy identification, city and highway modes for your convenient use, and safety alert traffic warning system for your protection. It is powered by 360-degree laser detection and 4-radar systems so you can rest assured that nothing will really escape your meticulous ride and driving conditions. On top of that, this auto electronic device comes in a real good looking craftsmanship that will also grace the interior of your ride. Isn’t that just wonderful for you sleek and handsome rig?

But what can be more delighting to an owner than a real meager amount to shell out for as grand and highly functional auto electronic item as this? Imagine, the Cobra 10-band Radar and Laser Detector will only cost you as low as $79.95! What a small price to cover for your safety and driving efficiency! It also comes with its installation hardware so you can do the task on your own. What more can be satisfying than this? Get it now, install, and be able to ride and drive confidently while staying on top of every road and traffic situation!…

Cobra® Radar/Laser Detector ESD7000K 6 Band™ w/UltraBright™ Display

You think only Jean Grey knows what lies ahead? Get your head with one of Cobra’s radar and laser detector products and claim to be one of Doctor Xavier’s faithful students! But for now, it will be very wise for you to acquire one for your ride. Doing so will keep you informed of the road that lies ahead. And if you are not really paranoid of what’s out there, or Cobra’s 10-band (which I featured here earlier) is something already frightening for you, you can simply opt for the Cobra 6-band radar and laser detector! This is nothing very different with its 10-band sibling, just a little toned down copy that detects with a VG2 radar system.

The Cobra 6-band radar and laser detector is almost the same in function as its manufacturer’s 10-band make. It also has ultra bright data display, city and highway modes, and safety alert traffic warning that’s been the trademark of Cobra detectors and radar products. The same goes for its manufacturing. It also underwent stringent manufacturing procedures as the 10-band did. It is also favored with industrial-strength technology that’s basically Cobra products edge among other auto electronics’ manufacturers.

The amount you will need for its acquisition is also very meager, something you might have not expected from a great auto electronic device. It will only cost you $43.96, a really small amount for its functions on your automobile; thereby to your driving conditions. If you will also order it via online services, you can have it packaged right on your door steps in as fast as two business days. This way, you would not have to come up a shop that’s sometimes a little trouble for a busy guy like you. You can also save installation budget for it as it is designed for do-it-yourself procedures. So, what do you say?…