Safe-Mate Digital Alcohol Breath Tester

Merry Christmas…HO! HO! HO!— Hearing those lines already? Then, its time you start gift shopping for all your family and friends; and don’t forget to be very creative. Get something unique for each of these important people in your life. A digital alcohol breath tester would be great, wouldn’t you say!? This is the perfect present for all your driving friends and loved ones as these holidays will always start and end with good food and drinks that may go beyond the limits. Show your care then by giving them something that will inform them if they are still capable of driving or not.

The Safe-Mate digital alcohol breath tester features LP gas detector that can prevent them from driving under the influence of liquor; thereby keeping them safe and from the meticulous land transportation officers around town. This way, they can surely enjoy the holidays in the comfort of their homes or in places they really want to—but not jail. And this is not only useful these holidays but all through out the years of driving. You can even take it with you after switching vehicles year after year because this is handy—no installation! This will also depend on how keen you are in maintaining this auto electronic gadget.

This Safe-Mate digital alcohol breath tester from Dream Quest also has a 20-stage display LCD for your ready reference. It is handy in its 8.95 x 3.0 x 1.65 centimeters or 3.5 x 1.18 x 0.65 inches dimensions and approximately 45 grams weight. It comes with triple A batteries and can be calibrated manually by its owner to whatever function he or she wants it to perform at a certain time and condition. Isn’t this just the most wonderful gift you can receive these holidays? The better it will be if you will be the first to send it out to your immediate kin and friends!